Account Funding

We require every trader on the Fixi Select program to start from the same position with a new trading account to monitor performance and understand the trader’s methods and approach to risk.

If a trader is immediately successful, we could take their prior trading record into consideration in order to fast track them through the Fixi Select program.

Fixi Select requires new members to fund their trading account with around USD$5,000 to USD$10,000.

Traders who satisfy the Fixi Select criteria and are nominated for funding can be offered offered up to $500,000 as an initial base. Funding can exceed one million dollars however, each offer of funding will be dependent on the performance of the individual trader.

If you’re trading with funds allocated by Fixi Select, you will earn 25% commission on all fresh profits generated using those funds without any downside risk. This is uncapped and paid out quarterly.


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