The proprietary funding program is managed under an FCA accredited MDA license by Sean Lee. The allocations are based on the traditional interbank prop-team model.

8 Steps

Enrol in our Fixi Select Program

Fixi Select offers seed funding, business and regulatory guidance, as well as one-on-one tutorage on how to set up your own hedge fund. Previous generations of professional FX traders were easily able to transition from the interbank market into the Hedge Fund space. Fixi Select offers this same service to aspirational traders of the current generation.

Meet our trading performance criteria.

Like any investor, we are primarily looking for traders who can exhibit consistent profitability. Added to this, we are incubating traders who show the necessary attributes to become a successful Hedge Fund manager; strategy awareness, risk management control, and business acumen.

Trade successfully and receive 25% of profits – no downside

Fixi Select accepts responsibility for all losses incurred by traders and managers in the Fixi Select program. Successful traders get paid 25% of fresh profits (high watermark) on a quarterly basis.

Introduction to new investors or Hedge Fund seed capital under our FCA License

Stage 2 of funding is the CapIntro (Capital Introduction) program. You will be invited to operate under Fixi’s UK FCA license and you will be marketed to every serious investor in the FX institutional space.

Create a trading record and open an account which we can monitor.

A full audit of a personal trading account can cost upwards of $25,000 and is out of the reach of most normal traders. At Fixi Select, we allow traders to open a trading account and be monitored and analysed in a live environment. We require as little as 1 month’s data in order to confirm an allocation.

Receive $500,000 seed capital from Fixi

The starting point for any budding Hedge Fund manager is the magical AUM amount (Assets Under Management). Fixi Select helps get you started with a $500,000 allocation. This is only a starting point, with allocations of up to $10 million available to those who fulfil all of the criteria. Note: To be eligible to receive seed funding we must be able to classify the trader as professional.

Create a Full Trading Profile, to be Marketed - Includes Trading Ethos.

Create full marketing profile including personal profile, trading strategy description, and risk management approach.

Joint Sponsorship

Fund start-up company using an umbrella structure.