Money Managers


With FIXI, you can take advantage of our established global relationships, no matter what your size. We understand pricing is critical for business and our systems are built to deliver.

  • Multi-Account Management

    With a single click on your trading terminal, money managers have the ability to trade quickly and easily across multiple accounts.

  • Quality Pricing and Execution

    Tight spreads and low latency will take you so far. Our reliable execution and high-level click-through rates take you to the next level.

  • Stable Technology

    To maximise server uptime, ensure a stable environment and offer superior pricing, we invest in high-spec infrastructure that can handle demand and ensure our systems aren’t strained.

  • Mitigated Latency

    Receive order execution in milliseconds with our co-located servers.

  • Wide Range of Products

    Choose from: 80+ major and minor foreign currency pairs; their cross rates; exotics; precious metals; commodities; and index CFDs.


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